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Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang


In managing and maintaining trees effectively landscaping, landscape managers need to have accurate and current information about trees or groups of trees to be managed. Information such as tree species, number of trees, the location and position of trees, tree size, tree current health status and maintenance requirements for each tree is useful and should be constantly updated. Therefore, the work of inventory and inspection of goods in the field is very important to obtain such information.
The information obtained from the inventory activities useful in planning and decision-making related to landscape trees. Technology and computer applications such as GPS and GIS can help in producing a comprehensive inventory system tree.


Our mission is to develop an Inventory System and Management of Landscape Trees that takes into account aspects of Arboriculture in management, health care and monitoring of effective and efficient plants to meet the aspirations of the State Government.


    Collecting, recording and retrieval (retrieve) information on the complete results of the inventory of trees (data attributes) that are found in the study area (pilot study) that can be updated easily.

    Mapping the location of every tree (spatial data) with accurate and provides a method to detect the location of each tree according to certain criteria to quickly search and user friendly.

    Provide a management system that systematically on each tree within the study area, including aspects of health monitoring and maintenance of trees in accordance with proper practices of Arboriculture.

    Provides an assessment of tree health system to facilitate the work of the monitoring tree health by certain criteria.